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Skills Clinics

MTB Skills Clinic

Gear up to elevate your mountain biking control and confidence through our specialized MTB Skills Clinics. Designed for group settings, each clinic targets a specific skill to ensure focused learning without overwhelming you with information.

Drawing from extensive coaching experience, we’ve identified five fundamental skills that riders frequently aim to enhance. Hence, we’ve curated five distinct clinics: “Intro to Jumps,” “Conquering Switchbacks,” “Leveling Up Cornering,” “Intro to Drops,” and “Brake Less, Flow More.” These clinics meticulously break down each skill’s components, allowing practice before integrating them for trail application.

Throughout the clinics, participants engage in mastering individual aspects of these skills before progressively combining and implementing them on trails and features. Our goal is to equip you with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on practice, empowering you to further progress independently beyond the clinic.

Join us on this journey of skill refinement and confidence-building. By the MTB Skills Clinics, you’ll possess valuable insights and honed techniques to continue advancing your mountain biking prowess autonomously, making every ride an opportunity for growth and mastery.

All skills clinics last 2-hours and cost R400pp

Mountain Bike Skills Clinics

Intro to Drops


Switchbacks Up & Down


Intro to Jumps


Level Up Your Cornering


Braking Less & Flowing More